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Patches and Extensions
This page is an archive of the hacks, patches and extension files that appear on the mailing list or that find their way to me and I think are pretty cool.


BugTrack.patch - Provide bug reports to a specified administrator address. mstevens, you're a star. - A dictionary server interface, from teckle. - Message passing along with instructions as to what you need to hack to make it work. This has been tested and works. Needs documenting, though. - /msg someone's pager. Yow! Just stick

    if ($message =~ /^SMS to (.*?)\s*: (.*)/i) {
        return sms_send($1,$who,$2);
into; untested, no docs, and requires the command-line utility sms. - You almost certainly don't want this. Converts Oxford University calendar to Gregorian and back again. Tested, no docs. Glue lines:

    if ($message=~ /^oxdate (.*)/) {
        performReply(oxdate("to",$1)); return 'NOREPLY';

    if ($message=~ /^unoxdate (.*)/) {
        performReply(oxdate("from",$1)); return 'NOREPLY';


Samy's patches: (CommPort5++)

Xfire's patches:

My patches: These are extremely experimental and nasty. Don't expect any of themto have been tested by anyone ever.

Nick Regaining - This has been tested and works. If the bot doesn't get the nick it wants, this will try and get it back.

DBM More Info - Do NOT apply this patch if you currently have any data. Provides a multilevel framework for factoid storage, allowing you to get at how many accesses and modifications the factoid has had, and when it was last accessed. (It won't work anyway, because I need to change the dbmopens to MLDBM ties.)

Factoid Aliasing - Saying `foo is <alias>bar' will symlink foo to bar. Incompatible with above patch.

Nickometer on Join - When someone joins the channel, the bot nickometers their nick and responds sarcastically.

Do not forget to enjoy the source.
If there's anything infobot-related you'd like to put here, contact Kevin Lenzo; that includes anything information-bot related, not strictly "the" infobot.
Except where otherwise noted, Infobot is Copyright 1999 Kevin A. Lenzo. All rights reserved. Infobot is free software; you may redistribute it and/or modify it under the same terms as Perl itself.