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This isn't quite done yet. Good idea though, huh?
It'd be interesting to get folks view of your infobot, or one of the more known ones. Send submissions to Jay Jacobs. And we'll get them listed, soon.
This was drawn and computer-enhanced by RainBrot. It depicts his interpretation of "Murlin" a bot run by Jay Jacobs (teckle). Murlin (the infobot) has been enhanced with a hacked up dictionary interface, and the ability to tell time in many different timezones. Once upon a time he had the gift of speech, but he has lost his voice through his many variations.
If there's anything infobot-related you'd like to put here, contact Kevin Lenzo; that includes anything information-bot related, not strictly "the" infobot.
Except where otherwise noted, Infobot is Copyright 1999 Kevin A. Lenzo. All rights reserved. Infobot is free software; you may redistribute it and/or modify it under the same terms as Perl itself. Kevin is now at Cepstral LLC.