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>>>>> "Johnny" == Johnny Wonder <jwonder@tvtrecords.com> writes:

    Johnny> can someone please help me and tell me why I am getting
    Johnny> this error all of a sudden.

    Johnny> thanks

    Johnny> [bounty@mm2 themole]$ Missing braces on \N{} at
    Johnny> ./src/Irc.pl line 131, near ">>> $b" Missing braces on
    Johnny> \N{} at ./src/Irc.pl line 133, near ">>> $b" Missing
    Johnny> braces on \N{} at ./src/Irc.pl line 152, within string
    Johnny> Compilation failed in require at ./themole line 45.  BEGIN
    Johnny> failed--compilation aborted at ./themole line 48.

        You've probably upgraded to 5.6 and there's a `\N' rather than
a `\n' somewhere in Irc.pl around line 130.  \N is a new feature to
allow named Unicode characters in strings (\N{foo} interpolates as the
unicode character named `foo').

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