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on 3/30/00 1:14 AM, David Blache at alterego@austin.rr.com wrote:

> I've changed something in Update.pl that you may want to change in infobot.
> Before the change, if you had this definition:
> now is blah
> ...and you said:
> now is also foo
> ...you would end up with:
> now is blah or foo
> Yuck.  I've never liked that.
> So in Update.pl I changed the 3 occurrences of:
> $rhs = $exists . 'or'.$rhs;
can someone please help me and tell me why I am getting this error all of a


[bounty@mm2 themole]$ Missing braces on \N{} at ./src/Irc.pl line 131, near
Missing braces on \N{} at ./src/Irc.pl line 133, near ">>> $b"
Missing braces on \N{} at ./src/Irc.pl line 152, within string
Compilation failed in require at ./themole line 45.
BEGIN failed--compilation aborted at ./themole line 48.