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patches and add-ons

/me puts on a brave face.

OK, so, now.. I see occasionally there are super basic questions and
sometimes really sophisticated answers... Is there anyway we can get these
two extremes working together?

The FAQs are probably a good idea but that means someone has adopted the
"interested but not quite coding yet" user and can see from their point of

For instance....

How do you add a patch or an add-on, like the dictionary to infobot (old
style) when you don't even know which file or where in that file to put it?

The server hop feature had the kind of instructions where the uniformed may
be able to get far enough down the road to actually make it work but other
parts that are available to use with infobot are heavily reliant upon
intuition or experience.  Can someone do the fill in the gap tutorial for
basic users FAQ?  The how did we find ourselves suddenly programming in Perl
FAQ?  The just a bit more indepth help file for basic infobot use and reuse
FAQ?  I know its a lot to ask and I am willing to be used as the spring
board even writing the whole thing down and keeping it updated if there is
someone to work with me on the *know how* side of it.

Thanks, urgen, efnet #Tibet