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Re: Debian Package: perl upgrades

"Peter A. Peterson II" wrote:
> I recently upgraded my Debian box, and it mentions that perl updates
> will force you to convert your now obsolete databases.
> What it does not mention (obviously) is that infobots don't understand
> the populated database and they blithely hose it with their own new-style
> db.
> This is obviously not a bug, per se, but will be  disastrous if an
> infobot user isn't backing up their databases.
> Yours,
> pedro

True.  This is a limitation of the DBM implementation.  The 'good'
news is that if you can find a version with the old DBM implementation,
you can dump out the db to a flat ascii file using scripts/dump_db 
and then move the ascii file over and re-create the dbs with update_db.
I hope you didn't lose much data.