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Re: geckobot, perl 5.004_04

Infobot is more stable, geckobot is rising. Infobot will
remain active for some time, i'm sure.  Should be easy
to migrate to the gecko if it works in the info. 

Michael Stevens wrote:
> What is the status of geckobot v infobot? Which one is more
> appropriate to have new work done for it?
> (aka, should I, when I get happy with my bug stuff, make it work for
> one, the other, or both?)
> Has anyone had a chance to look at line 132 of Reply.pl in infobot
> that breaks perl 5.004_04:
>             my(@poss) = split(/(?<!\\)\|/, $result);
> (a negative lookbehind assertion, as far as I can tell).
> I tried a fix myself, but I'm having trouble working out the meaning
> so I'm not sure if it's right.

yep. there should be no \ before the |. that's part of Skrewtape's
patch to allow protecting | in real perl examples...