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Infobot release 0.44.5


Push ./src onto the path so Util.pm gets in.
New Airport.pl replaces METAR2 with a lot nicer stuff.
  mendel++.  Very nice example of a module with forking, 
Fixed excuse.pl's return codes.
Roderick++'s extensive factoid locking patches for 
  sharing DBs between infobots.
Added scripts/make_snap and scripts/restore_snap , which
  make and restore ASCII snapshots of the databases, 
  respectively.  This is good to do periodically as a
Added stockquote.pl to get stock quotes (LotR++) and added
  a boolean parameter ('stockquotes') to turn it on or off.
Fixed a bug in the http proxy in the RDF fetching code (LotR++)
Messages no longer record the apparent last channel 
  when given in private.
Changed src/excuse.pl to guard against the server being 
  down, though i'm afraid the server is never going
  to come back up.
Cleaned extra white space off the end of parameter values
  during the read of the config file.
Currency exchance is now case-insensetive.
There were several other small bugfixes that didn't make it
  into this file during a move.  


Removed 'factpacks' subdirectory.  These packs are all on 
    the web site (http://www.infobot.org), and more.
Tidying of purldoc code.
Tidying of W3Search triggers
Tidying of IMDB, Websters, etc.
Splitting lines in say()/msg()
HTTP proxy support
Little tidying of the Math code.
More informative return values from Process
Better support for `no, $nick, ...' 
Much increased `tell' support
perlfaq' support: uses RSS to get faqtoids from perlfaqprime
Much needed fixes to Zippy factoids
Babelfish rewritten
Net::Telnet timeout fix to insult
Fixed `exchange' typo in infobot.config.
\| for quoting pipes in factoids, Avi++
Added the channels patch. infobot.channels now sets channel-specific 
    options. The format is pretty much the same as the users file.
Documented all the extensions.
Fixed the `eval' command, which you shouldn't be using anyway.
Removed spurious line breaks in Zippy's data.
The `msgonly' parameter, if set, will see a question on channel and
    respond to it via /msg
The `continuity' parameter controls how many seconds must elapse before
    the infobot assumes you have stopped addressing it. Set this to 0,
    and the infobot will never assume that it is being addressed.
Added a warning to Babel.pl if target language is `en'
Close `karma' and `seen' databases in &killed, now karma doesn't
    get reset.


NOTE: You must update WWW::Search to the latest version
    for the Google search to work.
NOTE: As usual, the new features (mostly) have new
    parameters that need to be defined in 
    files/infobot.config -- to update, you'll need
    to move your dbm files into the new source
    tree and edit infobot.config.  this is the best way.
Made return values from myRoutines.pl said or messaged
    rather than using &say and &msg inside myRoutines.
    Use 'NOREPLY' to override this if you want to
    use msg and/or say yourself (such as in a callback
    or when forking).
Moved the current myRoutines.pl file to a file called
    Extras.pl.  myRoutines.pl is reserved for local
    user extensions, and Extras.pl is now where the
    add-ons in the distribution are.  They both 
    behave the same as the old myRoutines.pl did.
    Extras is called after myRoutines.
Moved several redirects out of Reply.pl and into Extras.
Added 'literal' query -- 'literal foo' will show the
    factoid for the key foo, with tags and |s literally.
Added RDF/RSS support (LotR++) in RDF.pl.  Uses the tag 
    <rss="http://path/to/rdf/file"> and replaces it in-line.
    RSS is RDF Site Summary; many sites now use this
    standard format to encode their headlines/topics.
    Requires XML::RSS.
Added currency exchange module (exchange.pl) from 
    bobby@bofh.dk (thanks!)
Added excuse module (excuse.pl), also from bobby@bofh.dk!
Added 'purldoc' -- ^Masque++ -- which searches through
    perl FAQ question titles.
Removed usair module. They changed the interface and
    this should just be re-written more gerally.
Added support for Zippy.pl, which provides Zippy witticisms. 
    i made it require to be addressed. "infobot, yow" or 
    "infobot, be zippy" is the trigger.  (mendel++)
    the parameter is "zippy" in infobot.config. 
Added 'divine (.*)', a magic 8-ball (boojum++)