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Re: faqomatic support in infobot

I don't want to use the factoids stuff. We have a faqomatic running and
filled with stuff already. I think it's better that the faqomatic
knowledge remains where it is and that the bot can be used to query info
from there. Specially that the bot and the faq are not living on the
same machines. The way I want to use it is just ask the bot to do a
search on the faq, return a summary of what it finds.


Jay Jacobs wrote:

 > well, you could get the source on sourceforge.  But I must admit, I'm a
 > little miffed as to purpose of the task.  If you want to do a search on
 > some predefined faq page, why not go the other way, and import faqomatic
 > things into infobot's brains?  ...and then have a faq page that 
 > into infobot's brains?  I didn't really dig into faqomatic, but it seems
 > to do what infobot does, just more webby and less smart.  I should
 > probably spend more time looking at faqomatic before making judgements
 > though...
 > On Mon, 13 Nov 2000, Timothee Besset wrote:
 >> I'm looking into adding support for faqomatic
 >> (http://faqomatic.sourceforge.net) to the infobot. Just for 
 >> did anyone attempt this already? Is there some code I could start from?
 >> (I want to do something very simple, let the bot do a search on the
 >> faqomatic and report results .. maybe later teach it how to add new 
 >> TTimo