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patches, source trees and random code

What's the best way to send a patch?  I've got a small patch that 
allows "ambivalence" if you do "something+-"

I have other patches that are actually useful (to me).  Is it a good
idea to bring the ideas up on here first as a sanity check, or just go
right ahead and code?

At the moment, the ambivalence patch is linked off a web page as 
"diff -urP" patches.  There are two versions -- one against the 0.44.3
source, and one against the CVS source off sourceforge (checked out
today).  No patch for 0.49.03 yet, though.

Which is the more sensible tree to patch against, or is it better to 
hedge my bets and do all of them?

Sorry for all the questions; the mailing list archive on infobot.org
didn't really clear anything up for me.
rob partington % rjp@frottage.org % http://frottage.org/rjp/