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Re: devel version?


there is a link at the bottom to the cvs repository.

I did the original web site, and I don't know if my account is still valid
to make changes.  It probably is, but the password seems to have escaped
my memory.  But yeah, it's just out of date, some things were shifted
around since it's creation and never really updated past that.  I'll drop
a hint to lenzo to see if he could reset that password or something. (hint


On Wed, 8 Nov 2000, Timothee Besset wrote:

> I can't get the devel version of the infobot from the web site?
> Boiler@lunatic:~$ wget http://www.infobot.org/src/dev/Infobot-0.49_03.tar.gz
> --11:40:39--  http://www.infobot.org:80/src/dev/Infobot-0.49_03.tar.gz
>           => `Infobot-0.49_03.tar.gz'
> Connecting to www.infobot.org:80... connected!
> HTTP request sent, awaiting response... 404 Not Found
> 11:40:39 ERROR 404: Not Found.
> In a recent mail here I heard there was a CVS server, but there's no 
> info on infobot.org about it? Just a web site not up-to-date or is it 
> misinformation?
> regards
> TTimo