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Re: #infobot on Efnet

On Tue 26-Sep-2000  8:18a, Jay Jacobs wrote:

JJ> Yeah, I was in there a lot before they came in.  I convinced them to open
JJ> it back up and they even shared it for a while, they orginally took it
JJ> over "because they could" and "before anyone else did".  They didn't even
JJ> know what the infobot was.  Essentially it's a bunch of kids getting
JJ> intoxicated on the power of irc wars.

This is what irritates me the most, is when these kids take over channels they
don't even know the first thing about.

Why should it be such a hassle for a bunch of people to get together and chat
about a common topic?  It's maddening.  I don't know how anyone can run an
Efnet server at all, with all the abuse of their resources that is occuring.

JJ> As I remember the channel would
JJ> come and go with no real ops and very little traffic, and you are more
JJ> then welcome to it as far as I'm concerned.

I was never that regular but would pop in from time to time and exchange
little hacks and help answer questions.  Even this weekend a few people came
in asking a couple of questions.

Anyway, I don't want to "take" the channel from anyone, it just seemed to me
like a semi-useful place to have open.  It just made me mad that someone would
close it down for no logical reason.

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