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#infobot on Efnet

Well, some script kiddies were terrorizing Efnet all weekend apprently (I'd
heard over some warez channels, and #C++) and as a result we sort of got
#Infobot back.

I've got some friends and bots parked in there, would be more than happy to
restore power to the "rightful owners", whomever that might be, or give ops to
the people who had them before (Comport is the only one I can really

There's a couple of bots, "wakko" and "burnout" who had the channel at one
point (again from the clutches of the Pi8* bots who had the channel totally
locked down for the past few months) but I'm not sure who they are or why
they'd want #infobot either - anyone know?  No one seems to be monitoring them
so perhaps they were setup by someone on the list as a "well maybe we'll get
it back" and then forgotten about.

Anyway, just wanted to post a note to anyone who drops in -- I'm not evil! :)

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