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Sane files?

I'm no perl expert so excuse me here.

Do sane files trample over factoids which already exist set?  I'm wondering,
because I added a bunch of stuff to my sane-is.txt file which gets loaded on
startup, so that some of my "helper" factoids can't be deleted (or if they do
will be restored the next time the bot comes up).

However, I just asked my bot about CAD, something that was defined in my sane
file, and it gave me a different response -- presumably one that was already
in the database.

So, I told him to forget it, and then killed/restarted him.  Upon asking him
again, I get "dunno".

I'm dumping my database right now to sift through it by hand and see if
something's goofy with it, but when the bot starts up, it claims to see all
130 sane entries and have added them (though it says "129/130 good items").


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