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Re: #Infobot on Efnet

On Mon 11-Sep-2000  3:37p, Samy Kamkar [CommPort5] wrote:

S[> couldn't even ever get back into the channel and after a while I sort of
S[> gave up...there weren't too many #infobot goers, just a few to chat about
S[> random things and help out with infobot so it's not really a huge thing.
S[> After that I gave up on the channel and that was the end of it.
S[> Not sure how many people are going for another infobot channel on
S[> efnet...anyone interested?

Well I dropped a few people in #infobots (plural, although there is only one
infobot there, regurg) if anyone has any desire.

I was just curious as it was handy to chat and help with infobot issues now
and again.  I'm around strange hours, but can usually be found hacking on
regurg's brain on the weekends.

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