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Re: Quick Question

On Sun 27-Aug-2000 12:47p, K. Graham wrote:

KG> The trouble is getting it to recognize myself.  There is an entry in the
KG> infobot.users file.  The only entry is myself

KG> UserEntry justme {
KG>         name "Pretends to Know";
KG>         title "maker, blame her";
KG>         flags +OftrmscSope;
KG>         pass openupwide;
KG>         mask *!*just@djgc0usy591c.ab.hsia.telus.net;
KG> }

First, your password must be scrambled by using the "makepasswd" script in the
scripts directory.  You run it, type in your plaintext password, and it spits
back the garbage you enter for your password into the userfile.

KG> I have tried /m botnick login openupwide
KG>                  /m botnick ident openupwide

There is no "login" or "ident" command.  To get the infobot to op you in any
channels it has ops on, you 

  /msg botnick password op

KG> It does not react to anything that would be a part of it's
KG> functionality.. Learning, opping.. etc

If the bot isn't learning from anyone, even you, then chances are two things
are wrong;  #1, your hostmask in your userfile is wrong, and/or #2, you don't
have a default user record.

UserEntry default {
        flags  +trm;

That will allow anyone to teach, remove, and modify factoids.

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