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Quick Question

I hate to send this question to a dev list .. but I am not sure where
else to ask.

I have my infobot up and online.  It joins the channel and server that I
There are pointers to the directories and it looks to be finding the

Version: infobot-0.44.3

The trouble is getting it to recognize myself.  There is an entry in the
infobot.users file.
The only entry is myself

UserEntry justme {
        name "Pretends to Know";
        title "maker, blame her";
        flags +OftrmscSope;
        pass openupwide;
        mask *!*just@djgc0usy591c.ab.hsia.telus.net;

I have tried /m botnick login openupwide
                 /m botnick ident openupwide

It does not react to anything that would be a part of it's
Learning, opping.. etc

I have gone through the webpages looking for the answers and asked
online.  But unfortuntately have not gotten any answers.

If someone can point me to a resource I would be happy to use it..