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Re: dbmopen suddenly broken

Oh man...   :-(

Something is really wrong with Redhat 6.1 perl...

I just dumped my is database to text with dump_db and got the following

.º file =>
.gw =>
a803 =>
a8c6 =>
dark castle =>
dl =>
doesn't have the wav...but =>
gabby's tolerance level =>
good god that =>
he sure =>
instruction =>
mac error -253 =>
make sure your front/rear fader =>
mercedes =>
mfc =>
na"ive user is  n. a {luser}.  tends to imply someone who is   ignorant
mainly owing to inexperience.  rfc0188 =>
new rule...no trading while trivia =>
rfc1167 =>
rfc2030 =>
student copy =>
versiontracker =>
would¥ve rather been what =>
i see canseco =>


Can someone tell me what's going on???