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Re: Patches and Matches

Masque wrote:

> >      2) Privacy on `seen', especially if spanning multiple
> > channels. Hint, this is bad:
> >
> > <foo/#perl> purl, seen nou?
> > <purl/#perl> nou was last seen 3 hours ago on #hotsex saying
> > "whip me again with that leather vegetable!"
> >
> > I suggest multiple levels: users should be able to say
> > `watch what I say and when I say it', `watch when I say something'
> > or `don't watch me at all.' Further, channels should have a setting
> > to state whether seen data is shared outside that channel.
> I disagree, I would implement it soley based on channel status.
> If the channel is +s and I say something, I think purl should keep
> that information confined to the channel.  Otherwise I think the
> current system works fine.  If you're in #poundmeharder and it's
> not +s, people will know with a simple /whois anyway.

Right, this should only depend on channel status.  Keyword protected
channels (+k) should be treated like +s.