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infobot additions

i made a modification of infobot 0.44 to some extent..
i removed the usage of external modules and replaced them
with a small and niephte get url replacement.. i allso added
a topten talkers list + onjoin messaging + a message server
also fetches the latest kernel version from www.kernel.org

i could probably replace the net::telnet stuff but i havent
bothered so i just threw it out with zippy

most of the modifications are in extra files..

also a niephtee help system and a textfile to go with
it i made. 

i probably added a lot of other stuff i cant remember
off hand.. try dark.skyined.org/~twilight/wanker
for the sources of my modification.. and please use some of

oh yea.. and seen was heavily modified so atleast now join/parts
will show up. anyway take a look at it..

and kernel specs were changed so the filter has to be rewritten
and the msgserver has a little bug in querymsg

just have to replace return '0'; with return 0;

have fun and come to ircnet #scene.si