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Re: Patches and Matches

> It would be nice if the bugs introduced between 0.44.2 and now would
> go away, otherwise I'm all for the new bot getting primary focus.
> Give us a procedure for creating extensions, and we'll get hopping. 
> :]


> I disagree, I would implement it soley based on channel status.
> If the channel is +s and I say something, I think purl should keep
> that information confined to the channel.  Otherwise I think the 
> current system works fine.  If you're in #poundmeharder and it's 
> not +s, people will know with a simple /whois anyway.

I'm not sure channel status is a good metric for the bulk of
conversation. We're always +s.  i think people running bots
shoiuld be able to set policies on channels; i think that's
cleaner.  channels are rarely toggeld between +/-s. 

> >      4) Ditto spanning multiple servers. The cheap hack we're
> > doing with purl could be better. This could be a big project requiring
> > some big source changes! Do not rush off and implement lightly!
> I'm not sure exactly what you mean, but it would be nice if purl
> had a list of servers to choose from, so that she would come back
> if her current server went down.

She needs to be on irc.infobot.org at the same time!

> >      5) Anti-escaping. This is tedious:
> > purl, \what \I want is <reply>\why do \you ask \what \you want\?
> > 
> > and people get it wrong on a daily basis.
> > 
> > This is not:
> > purl, literal what I want => <reply>why do you ask what you want?
> Very good idea, though s/=>/is/ will save confusion.
> Then again, when has that ever been a goal of software design.... ;)

Ah, good point. i didn't read that well enough.  there's 
a discussion on syntax here, i guess...

> >      6) Update documentation, POD on extension modules and maybe
> > autogenerate manual.
> I VOLUNTEER!  I'd be THRILLED to help...find someone else to do this. 

! great!

> >      9) CPAN i // or search.cpan interface
> Nobody has done this YET!?  Six months ago I listed it in-channel as 
> my next project, and a whole bunch of people said things like "Way
> ahead of you" and "Already almost done" and "Shut UP Masque, we're
> sick of hearing you talk" and "Where's stimps?".  I took that as 
> a sign, else I'd have turned one in by now.  Maybe I can dig up the
> framework I put together....


> >      10) Masque, you had a cool extension idea I was going to steal
> > but I've forgotten what it was.
> Erm, uh, well, hrm.
> OH.  I think I know what you're referring to.  I'll go find you now.
> > That'll do for the moment, because I have just got a Perlix bug
> > report, meaning that the world is surely about to end.
> > 
> > Simon
> Masque.