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Re: Patches and Matches

ooooo k! where we go.

> First of all, congratulations to Oz on the success of Sphinx;
> if I've got it right, he's out at Linuxworld right now talking
> about Sphinx and Sourceforce. Hope it goes well. There's been
> a lot of very good coverage of Sphinx in the techno web press,
> and I think we can all agree it's going to be an important
> milestone in, for want of a better phrase, free speech.


> Anyway, to business! :) From now on the collected patches will
> be available from: http://www.infobot.org/patches
> This has better bandwidth than me, and won't go away in August.
> Many thanks to Oz for giving them a good home and giving me
> the means to poke at it. I'll sort out links from the rest of
> the site sometime soon.

I've given you read/write access on purl's home directory,
so that you can keep her up-to-date.

> can't help feeling it would be easier for everyone (and
> *especially* for upgrades and updates which may require sources
> to change and hence break old stuff) if there was a single
> source-and-optional-patches tree. We don't want to duplicate
> work, and we don't want you to duplicate work either! :)
> (Seriously, again, if you'd rather not, I honestly do
> appreciate that.)

Think CVS! maybe even put it on SourceForge.  Though we
can easily set up the CVS on infobot.org.

> To directly contradict all that I've just said, I don't know if
> we're yet at the point where we can start deprecating the old
> bot. Certainly, the new one should be the primary focus of
> development right now, and I'm hoping to run myself completely
> out of business pretty soon. :)

Maybe we *should* go with 'geckobot' -- or something esle --
for the new bot. Dev isn't going fast enough on the new
model, bvut it should also be under CVS.

> Oz, how do you want to play this? We can either go for a gradual
> phasing-out, carry on two separate development threads, (don't
> like that much) or we could just *stop* work on the old one.
> There's not much reason to work on it once 0.5 is as featureful.
> Oh, and we could sourceforge it.

Ah :)  OK I just set up a project.  I haven't imported
the CVS tree; simon, can you get a version up-to-date, and
diff purl with the current source (there are some other 
changes in there), and we'll make a clean tree for import.
I'm going for 'Artistic License'.

Please create accounts for yourself on SourceForge, and I'll
add you as developers/admins/whatever.

> However, if you do still want to kick around with it, here's
> me top 10 wish-list for what I'd like to see in the current 0.4x
> bot before we wrap it up. I'll be randomly implementing some of
> these as and when I get bored, so give me a shout if you want
> to play with them:
>      1) I don't want this to happen:
> <foo> Simon?
> <Simon> Yes?
> <purl> Simon is a matter of fact, or a villian in a million.
> How to avoid it: keep track of who's on the channel. (This is
> an excuse to put some more user-defined hooks on IRC events)
> On join : $whowhere{$channel.":".$person}++
> On part/nick change: $whowhere{$channel.":".$person}--

Hmm. fraught with worries about this. won't go into it
completely now.  Continuity is in general a good thing.
Also, people often _do_ ask about people and actually want answers
this way. I gues this isn't a continuity issue.

> Don't respond if not addressed and $whowhere{$channel.":".$query}
>      2) Privacy on `seen', especially if spanning multiple
> channels. Hint, this is bad:
> <foo/#perl> purl, seen nou?
> <purl/#perl> nou was last seen 3 hours ago on #hotsex saying
> "whip me again with that leather vegetable!"
> I suggest multiple levels: users should be able to say
> `watch what I say and when I say it', `watch when I say something'
> or `don't watch me at all.' Further, channels should have a setting
> to state whether seen data is shared outside that channel.

good ideas.

>      3) Channel-based databases I've been meaning to get around
> to for ages.


>      4) Ditto spanning multiple servers. The cheap hack we're
> doing with purl could be better. This could be a big project requiring
> some big source changes! Do not rush off and implement lightly!


>      5) Anti-escaping. This is tedious:
> purl, \what \I want is <reply>\why do \you ask \what \you want\?

Yep. perhaps a 'define' which works like 'literal' except for
defs, that still accepts the <> tags.

> and people get it wrong on a daily basis.
> This is not:
> purl, literal what I want => <reply>why do you ask what you want?
>      6) Update documentation, POD on extension modules and maybe
> autogenerate manual.

Hell yeah.

>      7) Collect other cool tales of what people are doing with
> infobots and write a web page with links.


> Things we've discussed and everyone thought would be a nice idea
> and nobody's done:
>      8) CDDB interface
>      9) CPAN i // or search.cpan interface
>      10) Masque, you had a cool extension idea I was going to steal
> but I've forgotten what it was.
> Teckle, I have a patch for your timezone thingy (I think) so I'll
> put that up soon. If you have a patch at hand, feel free to put it
> up yourself.
> That'll do for the moment, because I have just got a Perlix bug
> report, meaning that the world is surely about to end.
> Simon