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Re: Freshmeat search util

On Tue, Jan 25, 2000 at 09:46:27AM -0600, duff@cbi.tamucc.edu wrote:
> IMHO, someone (oznoid, Simon) should draft infobot patch submission
> guidelines.  That way, at least everybody will be on the same page
> when it comes to posting patches here.

Here are some draft guidelines; feel free to implement/improve/ignore them.

* Patches should apply to the current stable version of the source,
and should be taken from the infobot-0.xx.x/ directory.

* Ideally submit patches as unified diffs; see the Perl patching guide at
Porting/patching.pod in a Perl source kit near you.

* If unified diffs are not an option, please use diff, and be sure to state
which file the patch applies to.

* In the worst case, send the file to me or Oz or someone and we'll generate
the diff.

* If you're adding a new extension, rather than just patching the existing
stuff, the following also applies:
	. Post a diff to Extras.pl and any other affected files.
	. Then add any new extension files as an attachment, or give an address
	whence it can be obtained.
	. This is by no means compulsary, but it would be really lovely if you
	could use the documentation template; if you don't have one with your
	infobot, you can download it from


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