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Re: Freshmeat search util

Well as you see I'm not to great with regex's and I'm sure there are better
ways to do this but I hope this is what you mean by the definition for it, it
will simply require the word `freshmeat` which isn't a very nice thing and then
you can include `for` in there and then what you want to search for.
Examples would be like:
freshmeat for infobot   (or)
fReShMeAt     InFoBoT  (if you want to do that for some odd reason)
and of course it stores `infobot` and then it uses fsapps.pl to do the search
on freshmeat and will choose the first match if there is more than one match,
and the fsapps.pl outputs the 'http://address.for.program (then the full name
of the program including version number)'.
I hope that answered your question!  Over and out-


Simon Cozens wrote:

> On Sun, Jan 23, 2000 at 10:26:28AM -0800, Samy Kamkar (CommPort5) wrote:
> > if ($message = /^\s*freshmeat(?:\s*for\s*|\s*)(.*?)$/i) {
> > my $app = &fnd($1);
> > return '$app';
> > }
> However, I seem to be missing the definition of this sub......