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Re: Rev it up #2

Yes, yes yes! I'm very sorry about that, and I did notice that I left out the
script to edit
(which is src/User.pl if some of you aren't famliar) but I hoped who ever would
like to use it would figure it out.  I believe I put in: if (IsFlag("o")) {
to show that it is only for the owner but I will make sure to put in more next
time.  I'll make sure to be a bit more specific in later posts for people who
aren't too familiar with infobot.  Have fun, kids :P

-Sam (CommPort5)

Simon Cozens wrote:

> ......can I trouble you to give proper diffs in the future? (Ideally context
> diffs,
> 'cos they say which file to patch as well.) If that's a problem, don't worry
> about it; I'm only trying to make my life easier. :)