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Re: status of new modules? (Dict.pm)

On Sat, Jan 22, 2000 at 03:15:20PM -0600, Jay Jacobs wrote:
> Did I hear Simon volunteer to keep modules straight? Or are we going to
> use CPAN to store them?  I remember both being mentioned somewhere.

I'm happy to maintain a site which contains patches and modules for
the infobot we know and love, rather than the super-duper geckobot 
we'll love more.

I think we were planning to store modules for the geckobot on CPAN.
I don't know.

> So, if I keep up work-avoidance and finish this... where should it go? 

Plesae send it to me, as well as wherever formal we decide upon.

> Should we make a repository on infobot.org for them?  

Would be a good plan.


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