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Re: Lockable Factoids

On Sat, 22 Jan 2000, Russ Smith wrote:

> >set users, and then only let the users update set default to no
> modifications
> Yeah, but more specifically - say for example you wanted to allow people to
> still do 'is also', but
> you didn't want your own name soiled by some idiot who comes into the
> channel and says
> 'whatever is also gh3y' or whatever - this happens a lot on an immature
> network like Quakenet :)

/me missed the first part of this convo :) 

is your patch so you can make, say entry1's defintion the same as entry2's
defintion? or to add multiple definitions to entry1's defintion?

because if you're talking the first one, i've got a little addon to do
that. but if you're talking the second one, i'd be interested in the

Matt Cashner

"That which does not kill me postpones the inevitable."