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Re: a propos of artificial intelligence, linguistics, and geckos


For everyone who asked about the Pike reference:

 Tagmemics Discourse and Verbal Art 
    by Kenneth L Pike 

$6 from Amazon.  they actually got me a copy.  I left
out the word "most" from "recent" in the prior email,
but it's actually from 1981.  

I ordered Linguistic Concepts : An Introduction to Tagmemics 
also, but that one they haven't gotten to yet -- it's been
a couple of months.

In 'discourse' there are three short papers that are easy 
to read but cover a whole lot of ground.  In one of them
he discusses the linguistic complexity in the assembly
instructions (and carrying them out) for a bbq grill;
in the second he outlines tagmemics; and in the third
he talks about the time in a narrative or discourse in
relation to the actual events. The second paper is particularly 
nifty, as Pike reflexively puts himself into the analysis.  

I sat down and read the whole thing without getting up.