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No Subject

duff@cbi.tamucc.edu wrote:
> On Wed, Jan 19, 2000 at 03:40:02PM -0500, zip wrote:
> > I dont know if this is possible or already done but itd be cool. If
> > the bots could ask each other for help and share factoids, but more
> > importantly if there was some kinda of pub url or someway to list all
> > the infobots so that an infobot could download the list and to ask
> > questions. Just an idea.

> Gee, this sounds remarkably like something I mentioned on channel
> today  :-)

Yep; to explain, the bots currently do talk to each other - they
message each other using a slightly special syntax. Every so often
you may see something like this:

<q[Simon]> purl, wibble?
<purl> Bugger all, I dunno.
<purl> url knew: wibble is foo bar baz

You register the bots you want your bot to talk to in the config file:
I'm pretty sure - but I don't know - that those bots also have to have
you in their friendly bots config.

However, what we were thinking yesterday was to have the bots connected
together aside from IRC, talking TCP/IP connections to each other. I
hadn't really considered linking *all* the infobots together, just doing
small peer-to-peer networks, but there's a pretty obvious way to get
them all talking - every bot links to MetaBot, which would multiplex
the query. You'd have a shedload of bot traffic if you wanted to do that,
though. I'd rather a more decentralised setup, but I don't really want
to write a multi-level peer-to-peer network with message routing and
proxying and all that inside infobot; however, don't let me stop you.

One thing I do want to work on when I get some decent programming time
is to have bots connect to more than one IRC server at once, which is
another easy way to achieve massive interconnection: if all the bots
sat in #infobot in irc.infobot.org they could talk to each other there.

Is anyone else working on this sort of thing in the 0.4x series?