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Re: Anyone doing these yet?

>>>>> "Simon" == Simon Cozens <simon@brecon.co.uk> writes:

    Simon> On Wed, Jan 19, 2000 at 11:17:31AM -0500, Mike Fletcher
    Simon> wrote:
    >> On a somewhat related tangent, is there any way to fire off a
    >> request to the bot from within a handler?  One idea for
    >> implementing the browser-driving I had was to implement a `show
    >> urls (in|for)' that somehow obtained the returned stuff from
    >> whatever the argument it was given produced and then scaned
    >> that for URLs.

    Simon> Easy enough; just use LWP's get to get the URL and then
    Simon> HTML::LinkExtor If you want to do it with funny forking and
    Simon> things, have a look at W3Search.pl

        No, I don't want the module/bot itself to get the URL.  I'm
thinking of something sort of like:

        user says `show url for infobot' to the bot

        the `show url' handler parses out `infobot'

        the handler somehow asks itself (the bot) about `infobot' and
        it (the handler) gets the response back rather than the reply
        going back to the (user/channel/console)

        the `show url' handler slurps out URLs from the reply and then
        does system("netscape", "-remote", ...) for each

        That third step is what I'm not sure of how to do (make the
bot talk to itself internally).

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