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Re: Anyone doing these yet?

>>>>> "KM" == Meltzer, Kevin <KMeltzer@USCO.com> writes:

    KM> Has anyone worked on a web-to-bot interface or an 'answering
    KM> machine' system as of yet?

        I'd thought about some sort of module to drive a browser from
the server mode (netscape -remote '...' type thing), and then thought
that a better solution might be to embed a small http server.  You'ld
have to either post process results (insert anchors around URLs and
the like), and/or extend the Infobot::Message class to have a method
analagous to the HTTP Accepts header and let those modules that want
return text/html formatted responses when apropriate.

        Not that I've done anything about it yet. :/

        On a somewhat related tangent, is there any way to fire off a
request to the bot from within a handler?  One idea for implementing
the browser-driving I had was to implement a `show urls (in|for)' that 
somehow obtained the returned stuff from whatever the argument it was
given produced and then scaned that for URLs.

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