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module idear (Quotes anyone?)

I was thinking of starting work on a quote module. and here are my
thoughts on it.

usage: quote <nick>

would take the last thing <nick> said and stick it into a dbm or some way
tie it to the nick.  In theory I was thinking that it could be taken from
the seen-dbm, but I haven't looked at it.

There'd be a one-to-many relationship between nick-to-quote.

more usage: (spit out|regurgitate|recite) quote (from) <nick>

that would pick a random quote from <nick> and recite it with:
> teckle says "I like to smell my shoes after a long day"
Or something like that.  One problem I see (as with a lot of infobot
info) is data verification and removal of quotes... but that'll be the
second version of the module I suppose.

This is all in theory and no work has been done yet.  But I figured rather
then start something someone else was working on I'd post here.  That and
possibly get some direction/assistance on it.