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Infobot 0.49_03


0.49_03 is on http://www.infobot.org/dev/

You can run it EITHER in server mode OR as
console, but not both.  As Server, it will
accept connections from any IRC chat client.
It's not a perfect emulator, but starts getting
you there.  To use the server, get the 
latest development version of POE from

Private vs. public stuff still needs to be done,
etc etc, but this will allow you to start the 
server and have several people connect to

It currently considers everything said on
the server to be 'private', and thus always
considers itself addressed.  


        - Version name: Fledgling

        <lenzo@cs.cmu.edu> oznoid, Kevin Lenzo

        - Infobot::Server.  This requires POE,
          and in fact the latest development 
          version, 0.08_03.  dngor++ indeed.

          HOWEVER, it should also still be able
          to run as a shell without POE.  See
          the pod docs for Infobot::Server.

          After installing it, start it with

            perl -MInfobot -e 'server(verbosity=>10)'

          and then connect to it with an irc client
          on port 19100.  you can also set the port
          there -- but only if you have the latest
          development release of POE.

          Infobot::Server also has the first 
          germs to support 'connect' -- 
          'connect machine 19100' should link
          two bots, chat-wise. No factoid sharing
          implemented yet.

        - added pod in several places, including
          Infobot.pm explaining invocation and 

        - extended rset and rget to arbitrary number
          of arguments.  

        <jay@cake.harmonic.com> teckle, Jay Jacobs 

        - Infobot::Module::Dict.pm, requires Net::Dict. 
          Looks up definions in several online 
          dictionaries! Nice!  see the pod on it.

        - Infobot::Module::WServer.pm, requires LWP::Simple.
          Gets the web server version from a site. see
          the pod on it.

        - Infobot::Module::Stock.pm, requires LWP::Simple.
          Gets stock quotes from yahoo!.  teckle++ has
          been quote active :)

        <perlguy@perlguy.com> {KM}, Kevin Meltzer

        - Infobot::Module::Zappa.pm, Frank Zappa
          quotes!  Like Zippy but Zappa.