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Re: infobot-is

hmm ok there are 2 ways i can think of right off.
one is, if you've kept the log file, everything 
can be rebuilt from the log. That may be best.

second, i've never tried this on a corrupted db,
but it may be possible to recover by using 'each',
or so i've heard, on some platforms.  This would be
a program like the one below, which is slightly
different from dump_db in that it uses 'each' instead
of keys %is.

If you need to recover from the log, let me know.
Also let me know if the each() works!  



$| = 1;
$dbname = 'infobot-is';
dbmopen(%db, $dbname, undef) || die "Couldn't dbmopen \"$dbname\"";

while (my ($k, $v) = each %db) {
  print "$k => $v\n";