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dbmopen suddenly broken

Hi all..  I'm new to the list, so please be gentle..  :)

I've been running my own infobot for over a year now...  I just
upgraded (fresh install) to RedHat 6.1 from the CD.  Now, my bot can
no longer open any of the data files because of a dbmopen error:

    Invalid argument at DBM.pl line 15

I haven't changed the code a bit.  The PERL newsgroups haven't given
me any leads on what to do, so I thought I'd check with you guys to
see if anyone has had a smiliar problem.  Here's line 15 of DBM.pl...

    dbmopen(%plusplus, $param{'plusplus'}, 0644) || warn

I get the same "invalid argument" error for all of my dbmopens.   I'm
running PERL 5.005_03 and have the same problem on two different
computers (both with RH 6.1).  Has anyone seen this?



Below is a copy of my infobot helpfile showing some of the
modifications I've done to my bot (ebug)... just for fun.

acronym: ebug, acro NBA -- you can also use 'acronym' instead of

calendar: ebug, cal 12 1998 -- gives the calendar printout for
December, 1998.  If you leave off the date and just type "ebug, cal"
he'll show you this month's calendar.  You could also spell out
"calendar", rather than the abbreviation.

date/time: what time is it? -- self explanatory

eball: eball, Does Peggy Sue love me? -- works like the eightball
we've all grown to know and love

heads/tails:  heads we got to mcdonalds, tails we go to burger king.
-- really it just looks for the "heads" (or "tails") at the beginning
of the line.. the rest is unnecessary.

http: Anytime you enter the URL of a website, ebug will attempt to go
grab the title of that site.  The tags <title> & </title> must be on
the same line of the site's code.

horoscope: ebug, horoscope taurus -- self explanatory I think... don't
kill the messenger if he doesn't bring good news...

pun: ebug, tell me a pun -- matches on "a pun" and returns a random
pun.  I love puns.

rgb/hex: ebug, convert 255,12,125 -- ebug can also do reverse
converstion by typing: ebug, convert ff23de

superhero: ebug,  (hero | heros | villain | villains) - ebug will
generate a random hero for you...  depending on which keyword you
flag, it will be either good
 or bad and a team or a single person

synid: ebug, synid OED -- will return the Synergy ID for user OED. 
'ebug, synergy id OED' also works.
temperature: ebug, what's the temperature in omaha, ne? -- most major
US cities are supported

translate: ebug, translate to german "i like trees" -- english is
always one of the converting languages (to or from), so you could also
ask ebug to *translate from german "ich mag Bäume".  Available
languanges include german, italian, french, spanish, and portuguese.

travel: ebug, travel from omaha, ne to minneapolis, mn -- he can
handle directions for most cities and even large cities in neighboring

websters: ebug, websters hail -- returns the definition for 'hail'. 
This pulls from the m-w.com website which is not very exact..so ebug
has trouble parsing out the pages sometimes.

word: today's word -- ebug, what's today's word? -- Just a random
"word of the day" to keep ya smart.

yo mama: ebug, yo mama? -- He'll give you a random "yo mama" phrase.