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Hi folks,

Infobot-0.49_02.tar.gz is available at


It includes KM's new Convert module, among other
things, and a few fixes.  I just tried it
on a new machine with a clean Perl install and
everything that failed in the modules did so
happily and gracefully.

I wanted to push this version out for you before
I go away for the weekend.

Also, it appears that the _automatic_ archival 
isn't working on the mailing list right now;
I'll fix that when i getback.  So far it's no
big deal to add items manually.


Revision history for Perl extension Infobot.

0.49.02 Sat Dec 25 08:42:00 EST 1999
        - Version name: Bluebottle

        <lenzo@cs.cmu.edu> oznoid, Kevin Lenzo

        - fixed a 'geT' typo that caused a craashing big in 
          Nickometer.pm. KM++ and anno++.

        - abstracted set/get to rset/rget ('relation' set/set)
          now set(X,Y) is an alias for rset('parameter', X, Y)

        - more robust message reporting for Infobot::Modules
          that depend on Net::Telnet

        - fleshed out the pod in Infobot::Module::Example.

        <perlguy@perlguy.com> {KM}, Kevin Meltzer

        - Moved ord() and chr() into Infobot::Module::Extras.pm
        - created new Infobot::Module::Convert.pm that
          uses Math::Units to do unit conversion! {KM}++.