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Problem in RSS routine on 44.3

I'm a little behind, just getting 44.3 running.  I ran into a little quirk
with the RSS inline replace:

<Brazilian> testthis is

<Brazilian> testthis
<regurg> Brazilian:

In spite of not being 'the brightest perl in the sea', I did however manage to
track this down after awhile and figure out that when it does the in-line
replacement of the <rss=...> with the result of the query, it was getting
confused with the ? in the original URL, mistaking it for a regex.

The following patch in Reply.pl seemed to fix this:

} else {

        $replace =~ s/\?/\\\?/;  # patch -- swap out the ? for a \?

        # original code after this

        $theMsg =~ s/$replace/$result/;
        $theMsg = "$who: $theMsg";

This being right around line 201 of Reply.pl (I added a couple of comment
lines somewhere up above in my source so this number isn't exact to the stock

Not being that much of a perl wizard, was this a decent way to deal with this
or is there something better?  Probably could stand to catch other goofy
characters than just ? but..

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