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0.49_01 (Lungfish)


Infobot 0.49_01 (Lungfish) is up under the dev/ 
directory. It fixes some of the more egregious 
problems with 0.49.0.  Also added some docs
under Infobot::Entity that should help in figuring
things out.


Revision history for Perl extension Infobot.

0.49.1 Wed Dec 22 12:56:36 EST 1999
        - Version name: Lungfish

        - changed all exists to defineds in Infobot::DB so that
          it wouldn't trigger the infamous "doesn't define 
          exists method" message from some implementations of 
          DBM.  anno++

        - changed Exhange so that the TLDs weren't created
          in a hash every time it was called, but rather 
          processes data from beneath __DATA__ when new() is

        - put in sanity undef returns in the existing Modules,
          to make sure they return undef to new() if any of
          the modules they need are not available. 

        - made Infobot::Module::ModuleMgr report the modules
          that don't instantiate as 'bad', and used anno++'s 
          to fix a crashing bug in the module load when there
          were bad modules.

        - fleshed out some of the pod in Infobot::Entity so
          people can have a better idea what it does.

0.49  Tue Dec 21 12:09:46 1999
        - Version name: Quixote

        - first build under h2xs, and first appearance of the 
          new model infobot.

        - Has a Console
        - Term::ReadLine support
        - Modularized
        - blah blah. lots of things left to do.