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Re: Infobot 0.49.0

Anno --

Thanks! You're subtly defusing the future frustration 
of generations of cluebees.

Subscribe to infobot-dev by sending the single line 

  subscribe infobot-dev



When it replies, it will say it's at metronomicon.com,
but i find infobot.org shorter to type.  I think i've
fixed the BOUNCE problem some folks were getting.

Ok, to substance :)

Anno Siegel wrote:
> There were two changes necessary to make infobot run on my
> machine (patch attached):
> 1 - On systems that have more than one of the DB modules

ok we'll work with that 

> 2 - In Infobot.pm it says, basically

> Further:  0.49 doesn't understand "xyx++" and "karma xyz".  I
> this is just not yet implemented.  I'd like to patch "karma" so
> it optionally reports sums of karma for multiple (similar) items.

Karma will be a module.  Modules can act like filters (changing
the content of the message, like processing the ++ and --)
and also return certain language when queried (as defined by
some regex).  So the ++/-- handling becomes a module executed
early on the input stream that affects the karma relation,
then there's some later processing that sees if you're asking
about karma.


> infobot-dev@metronomicon.com seems to be a mailing list.  How do
> I subscribe?
> Anno