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Re: sound of door-bell rining

On Sat, Dec 11, 1999 at 11:35:23PM -0800, mapoole wrote:
> Am I in yet?
> Is the list alive/awake/active?

Yes, and to prove it, here's an addition to Extras.pl which allows you to
add new time zones to Jay's *EXCELLENT* timezone feature. The one thing that
upsets me here is that you can't have this line matched *before* the ordinary
`X is Y' stuff. Or can you?

    if ($message=~/^([\w\s]+) has the same time.?zone as ([\w\s]+)\s*$/) {
        if (exists $timez{lc($2)}) {
            if (exists $timez{lc($1)}) {
                return "Already have an entry for $1, thanks";
            } else {$timez{lc($1)} = $timez{lc($2)}; return "OK, thanks"}
        } else {
            return "But I don't know where $2 is!"

I also have quite a fairly decent list of timezones ready to go into DBM format - it's a lot bigger than the one Jay provides. I'll put it on my patches site.


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