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Re: Wierd bug

Expanding upon this --

the basic problem is that '-' can be either unary
or binary minus -- unary as in some negative integer,
or binary, as in something minus something.

right now it's a regex (!) that tests whether 
something is a valid 'math expression'.  It is OK on positive
numbers because it's \d+, but the - could be
(null) minus integer or minus integer.  so the
point of inserting something that checks if the 
result is the same as the input is a crap workaround
for a true expression parser, or some better constraints
on the input/respond-without-addressing relationship,
which is a tricky bugger.


Kevin Lenzo wrote:
> My suggestion would be to compare the input and the
> output and not return undef from the math routine
> if it's identical. I'll queue that one up for
> the next release.
> kevin
> Simon Cozens wrote:
> >
> > On Sun, Nov 28, 1999 at 03:07:30AM -0600, David Blache wrote:
> > > > Get two infobots in the same room and type:
> > > > -938133838
> > > I've seen that before; and I don't consider it a bug.  It's just doing the
> > > math and returning the result.  You have two bots in the same channel giving
> > > math results.
> >
> > I do consider it a bug, simply 'cos it's not what we want to have happen.
> > If the two bots are in each others friendly bots array we should be able to
> > easily sort this out. I'm not sure where to plug the leak, though; it can be
> > cool to ask one bot something which causes it to ask the other one something
> > and then get a response. However, we don't want two bots throwing negative
> > numbers at each other. Suggestions?
> >
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