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Re: Wierd bug

My suggestion would be to compare the input and the 
output and not return undef from the math routine
if it's identical. I'll queue that one up for
the next release.


Simon Cozens wrote:
> On Sun, Nov 28, 1999 at 03:07:30AM -0600, David Blache wrote:
> > > Get two infobots in the same room and type:
> > > -938133838
> > I've seen that before; and I don't consider it a bug.  It's just doing the
> > math and returning the result.  You have two bots in the same channel giving
> > math results.
> I do consider it a bug, simply 'cos it's not what we want to have happen.
> If the two bots are in each others friendly bots array we should be able to
> easily sort this out. I'm not sure where to plug the leak, though; it can be
> cool to ask one bot something which causes it to ask the other one something
> and then get a response. However, we don't want two bots throwing negative
> numbers at each other. Suggestions?
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