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Re: Wierd bug

On Sun 28-Nov-1999  3:07a, David Blache wrote:

DB> I've seen that before; and I don't consider it a bug.  It's just doing the
DB> math and returning the result.  You have two bots in the same channel
DB> giving math results.  

Well, -99999 isn't exactly a math problem.

I assume that it's thinking you're asking it 'what is 0 - whatever' and
responding, because nothing is preceeding the '-' at the beginning.  Granted,
it's a silly thing to ask a calculator but and it rarely happens.. but there
were a couple of jerks doing it in our channel and the (perhaps final)
solution was to just put them on ignore since they were doing other rude
things like trying to erase as many factoids as they could, etc.  <shakes

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