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Some developments

Just some ideas I've got working on my local 'bot. Won't post patches
yet because I fear there's a lot of code motion going on.

Abuse of power
	i) `kick $name from $channel: $reason' added to ops commands.
	ii) Stolen gratuitously from Masque, as usual:
		`VI RULES is <kick>Suck it, viboy!'
		So far I haven't got protection on who can set this because
		I want to do something *interesting* to the factoids. More later.
	iiI) `mode $channel $modes' allows you to set bans and things.

Channel Quotes Page
	`quote foo: Bar' adds a quote to a HTML `channel quotes' page.

Something Interesting To The Factoids
	This doesn't quite work yet since I only started work on it very recently,
but if you've seen my DBM patch, you'll know where I'm going.

my $factoid = new Infobot::Factoid;

	For the time being, we also check, when we access a factoid, whether it's
a scalar or an object, and if it's in the old (scalar) format, automagically
convert it.

	Suggestions on how to use the metadata would be appreciated.
	Shoot me down if you think this is a Bad Thing.


"Everything's working, try again in half an hour."-chorus.net tech