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New extension: timezone.pl

Yet another `don't use this', from the usual place:

   timezone.pl - My first crude hack at a world time clock. At
   present, it only works on Unices, and probably only on Linux. It's
   bad, horrible and non-portable but it works. Calls out to system date
   command. One day I'll get around to doing a pure-Perl version. If you
   want to use it, here's the glue:

    if (getparam('timezone') and $message=~ /^Time in (\w+)/i) {
        return 'NOREPLY';

This time I've behaved myself and provided documentation and stricture.

Oh, and oznoid++ for valiantly fighting a veritable *mountain* of problems
and bug reports for the greater good. It'll all work out soon. :)

Everything can be filed under "miscellaneous".