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Miscellaneous patches

I've collected together and minorly annotated all the random crap that I've
got lying around for the infobot, and it's up at

I keep meaning to get around to a few modules: I did one that did CPAN
lookups, but I can't find it now, and I think someone else has done it too.
Right now, the priority for me is a *really good* timezone extension. 
(purl, time in Athens?)

To save you wandering off to see something that might not interest you
at all, here's a dump of the index page:

                                Infobot Patches
   Random hacks, mix and match.

   [1]Botmail.pl - Message passing along with [2]instructions as to what
   you need to hack to make it work. This has been tested and works.
   Needs documenting, though.
   [3]SMS.pl - /msg someone's pager. Yow! Just stick
    if ($message =~ /^SMS to (.*?)\s*: (.*)/i) {
        return sms_send($1,$who,$2);

   into Extras.pl; untested, no docs.
   [4]oxdate.pl - You almost certainly don't want this. Converts Oxford
   University calendar to Gregorian and back again. Tested, no docs. Glue
    if ($message=~ /^oxdate (.*)/) {
        performReply(oxdate("to",$1)); return 'NOREPLY';

    if ($message=~ /^unoxdate (.*)/) {
        performReply(oxdate("from",$1)); return 'NOREPLY';

   These are extremely experimental and nasty.
   [5]DBM More Info - Do NOT apply this patch if you currently have any
   data. Provides a multilevel framework for factoid storage, allowing
   you to get at how many accesses and modifications the factoid has had,
   and when it was last accessed. (It won't work anyway, because I need
   to change the dbmopens to MLDBM ties.)
   [6]Factoid Aliasing - Saying `foo is <alias>bar' will symlink foo to
   bar. Incompatible with above patch.
   [7]Flood Protection - A relatively naive way of doing flood protection
   by checking every five seconds to see how much has been said.
   [8]Nickometer on Join - When someone joins the channel, the bot
   nickometers their nick and responds sarcastically.
   Do not forget to *enjoy the source*.


"If the future navigation system [for interactive networked services on
the NII] looks like something from Microsoft, it will never work."
(Chairman of Walt Disney Television & Telecommunications)

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