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Downloading Source
You can get the latest code from SourceForge; here is the source of past revisions.
Latest Stable Version
0.45.3 is the latest stable release. And is only capable of IRC (see 0.49 description below). If you'd like to poke around in the archives, Older Versions are available.
Development Versions
Currently (and if this gets updated) the latest development version is 0.49_03. This is an add-numbered predecessor to what 0.50 will become. It is a complete restructure of the infobot and it removes the irc from the core of the code. This version (and previous 0.49 versions) do not support IRC at all only console and raw. The next release will add the IRC functionality. Be sure to check into the mailing list archives for all of the discussion about the smarts and functionality. There has not been much development on this branch recently; it will likely be re-explored soon, though.

Some of the key points I can think of:

  • Modularized, everything is modular. It is incredibly easy to add, create or remove functionality.
  • POE, The latest version (0.49_03) used POE. For those of you who don't know. POE is an incredible addition to perl, but be careful, my head spun around on my neck (twice) when I first looked at it.
  • New Features. Too wonderful to mention here. Get it and see.
You can also poke around the Development Archive.
If there's anything infobot-related you'd like to put here, contact Kevin Lenzo; that includes anything information-bot related, not strictly "the" infobot.
Except where otherwise noted, Infobot is Copyright 1999 Kevin A. Lenzo. All rights reserved. Infobot is free software; you may redistribute it and/or modify it under the same terms as Perl itself. Kevin is now at Cepstral LLC.
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